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MetaReviewer is an online, collaboration-minded platform designed for evidence synthesis by evidence synthesists.

MATI is a one-week intensive workshop aimed at researchers interested in conducting IES Goal 1 meta-analyses of important research topics.  This is focused on advanced meta-analytic methods.

AERA Special Interest Group

The Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis SIG (SIG 176) supports and promotes applied and methodological research on systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Open source materials for MMARI. Introduction to systematic review and meta-analysis

The Meta-Analysis Learning Information Center (MALIC)  is an extension of the Modern Meta-Analysis Research Institute (MMARI) and the Meta-Analysis Training Institute (MATI).  Resources provided in this platform can be used to promote the development of high-quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses that can be translated to actionable and effective evidence-based policies and recommendations in the social sciences and particularly in education and STEM education

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