Learning Resources for R, RStudio, and Meta-Analysis

Are you interested in attending MMARI, but want to get your bearings on R and meta-analysis first? 

The resources on this page can help you brush up your skills in preparation for the material you will learn at the Institute. 

Download instructions for R 

Downloading instructions for RStudio 

Brief Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Cleaning, Transforming, and Visualizing  Data in R Using Tidyverse

Foundational Statistical Analysis in R

Additionally, you can follow the provided link to access the MMARI Instruction Team's Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis webinar hosted by AERA as part of their Virtual Learning Series. Please note that you will be required to pay an access fee to view the webinar on AERA's website. 

Note: The R learning community is constantly adapting and evolving to the changing landscape of data science needs. Materials may need to be updated as new versions of R and RStudio are released. If any of these materials are outdated in newer versions of R and RStudio, please email the MMARI team at mmari@gsu.edu. Happy coding!